About Cafe Create

Opened in 2012, CafE Create is in the heart of Bristol’s green hub, The Create Centre.

Great space, conducive to work time meeting and eating … Room for large groups and quiet areas too. Galleries for lectures and seminars and exhibitions. A buzzing and creative environment. A place to explore, participate and relax. Free wifi.T

The cafe’s creative team work with customers taking ideas from all around, absorbing the diverse food culture and eateries in Bristol and further afield. Customers share their favourite recipes and staff make an effort to provide options suitable for specialist diets.

They are committed to supporting the sustainability agenda and actively seek solutions to reducing waste and minimising their impact on the environment. Proud to support the £Bristol pound and have received a Gold in the Fairtrade Business Awards 2016.

Behind the scenes you will find staff peeling, chopping, whisking, kneading, baking – the signs of real cooking. No packets, just freshly delivered produce from Bristol’s local traders. Cafe Create serves teas, coffees and a selection of homemade cakes to be proud of. Specialist dietary needs are catered for including vegan, gluten or dairy free, so delicious they tempt all the customers.

Lunches are delicious and varied- choose from quiches, tarts, roulade, pizzas, Scotch eggs etc etc. with amazing salads. Hot options include the soup of the day, the now legendary dhal or the humble baked potato topped with hot and cold choices. You will also find sandwiches with great fillings, made special with homemade pickles and chutneys. There really is something for everyone.


Cafe Create operates a sister service, The Good Cook School which offers: cooking workshops, children’s parties and offers a range of cooking and healthy eating sessions to schools and community groups. They work with all ages, from toddlers to elderly.


Cafe Create is developing a range of frozen ready meals for people to cook at home and for catering outlets such as pubs and restaurants. More details to follow soon, in the meantime, please contact for more information.


Our Suppliers

At Cafe Create we source as much as possible from the local supply chain. We use the best quality ingredients.

Here are some of our suppliers.

  • Teas and coffees - Fairtrade, Clipper, Pukka, Extract
  • All meat is local and free range – Rare Butchers, Southville
  • Falafel – Jacob’s Finest
  • Milk – Chew Valley Dairy
  • Cheese – Lye Cross Farm
  • Sour Dough – Mark’s Bread
  • Bread – Herbert’s
  • Olives, olive oils etc – The Real Olive Company

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